(Wilfredo Lee/AP)

Hope you haven’t eaten your breakfast yet.

“LeBron charms nation’s capital in Heat loss to Wizards,” reads the Miami Herald headline.

“When newly signed Heat forward LeBron James first played in the nation’s capital in 2010, the place hated him,” that Joseph Goodman column begins. “Compare 2010-11 and Tuesday night at Verizon Center and a perfect picture is painted of just how dramatically the reception of James has changed in some cities around the NBA. James received a standing ovation and raucous applause after back-to-back dunks in the second quarter of the Heat’s 100-82 loss.”

Barf retch puke.

“It’s great,” James told reporters after the game, when asked about the cheers. “Obviously for us, we get a pretty nice crowd on the road. Fans come out obviously to see their respective teams, but also love what we do as well. That’s very exciting.”

“There was obviously a lot of applause for you, especially with those two dunks,” another reporter began. “When did you notice in the league in general when the crowds started going more for you?”

“Uh. I don’t know. I have no idea. They’re for me now?” James asked.

“It seemed like on those dunks they were,” the reporter answered.

“All right,” James said.

Other observers agreed.