(John McDonnell/The Washington Post) (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Last month, Kirk Cousins and Chris Cooley emailed the chef at midwestern chain Taco John’s in an effort to score some of the menu’s Potato Oles.

“My taste buds are dying with no local access to a Taco John’s,” read the email from Cousins. “Is there any way your company could ship us a box of for Chris and I to enjoy? Is this something that your company is able to do?”

It turns out the answer is, yes they are able to do that. Cousins arrived to Redskins park this week to a surprise from Taco John’s.

“They sent here to the facility 30 pounds of frozen potatoes, a deep fryer, vegetable oil, measuring cups, basically everything we would need to make them,” Cousins said. “So I went over to Chris’s house and we made them last night.”

Cooley and Cousins bonded over a successful cooking session and tweeted their progress.


“They gave us the special seasoning that they use that makes them unique to them,” Cousins said, explaining why theses potatoes are so special. “We only made one bag, so I have five bags left. Chris has a pretty big house, so I was thinking we could get everybody over to his house or something. I don’t want to speak for him, but eventually we could do something with more people. We’re definitely not going through 25 pounds of them just the two of us.”

As for the email that started the ball rolling, Cousins admitted that it was an act of brilliance by the former tight end.

“Chris always thinks outside the box,” Cousins said. “It was kinda his idea, and I just followed through on it. Sometimes Chris is the genius and I’m just the one executing his plans.”