It’s mid October and we’re now talking about Mike Shanahan’s future with the Redskins.

Jason Reid had a column on that topic in Thursday’s paper.

It would be surprising if Shanahan agreed to let things play out during a lame-duck season. What’s more likely is that Shanahan would push for a new deal in the offseason, forcing Snyder to make a huge decision. For the Redskins’ sake, Snyder should either commit to Shanahan beyond next season or fire him with a year left on his contract.

And Chris Cooley addressed the issue during his ESPN 980 radio show this week.

“Let me also give you guys this: The $7 million that Mike Shanahan makes next year is guaranteed,” Cooley said, between calls on the topic. “It’s a guaranteed salary. He’s getting paid that money regardless. And just for fun, I did a brief, off-the-cuff, off-the-record question to about 10 people around the Park. Everyone believes that he’s here next year. No matter what.  They believe in the choices he’s made, in the way this organization has went in terms of young talent that cares about being a part of the Washington Redskins. They like the direction this team’s headed, even if it’s not THIS VERY YEAR. They believe in his ability to build this team and this program over a period of time.

“Now, when I say that, you have another year like this year, and that changes quickly. But as of now, based on last year and some of the people he brought in – no busts, Kerrigan, Robert, Alfred, even down to a Chris Neild. I mean, it’s unbelievable how many hits they’ve had on guys that they brought in here in drafts and free agency. So they believe in the direction.”

(Photo via @DianesTalking)