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Mark Rypien predicts Redskins to the Super Bowl

(Photo via the Redskins)

At the beginning of the season, many people had big predictions for the Redskins. Some even predicted a Super Bowl appearance, which in the preseason wasn’t such a ridiculous thought. But as the season wears on, it’s getting harder for some people to stand by their prognostications.

But not Mark Rypien. He’s all in, and made a bold statement during a satellite interview with Brian Mitchell on Comcast SportsNet. But before we get to that, here’s a little RGIII analysis.

“To me the biggest factor here is that, I think you’re still in that initial state of, you’ve been through a leg injury, which all of us have been through in our time, and his was an ACL repair,” the former Redskin said. “So, just that subconscious in the back of your mind not being able to do the same things. I think he’s starting to feel that out each and every week, and each and every week it’s better and better and as he starts feeling more comfortable, he’ll be able to do more things. But when you put yourself in the hole like they have early on in the season, especially in the first half, I think you play a little bit tentative, and why wouldn’t you? He’s coming off a horrific knee injury.”

And then…

“I think as the weeks go on, he gets stronger, he’s capable of doing the same things he did last year, the prediction is it’s gonna be a repeat of the ’87-’88 Super Bowl with the Redskins and Broncos are gonna be in it again. So, that’s my prediction and I think that RGIII each week will get stronger, and each week he gets stronger the team usually gets better.”

I’m not sure how many more weeks Rypien thinks they have to spare, although with the condition of the NFC East at the moment, anything is possible.

Here’s the full chat, beginning with Mitchell and Rypien getting to the bottom of a 20-year-old fumble.