(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

I had a recent interaction with Michael Wilbon. It confirmed that he is the probably the nicest and most kind famous person I’ve ever met.

That said, I will continue to poke at him in this space, because he’ll never see it, and because it does great Web traffic.

So anyhow, a longtime commenter here has frequently maintained that if Michael Wilbon makes a prediction about sports, you should take your life savings and dump it on the other side. A habit of being wrong, he has.

That was on amazing display Sunday afternoon. Like, take-your-breath-away stuff.

It started in the first half. The Bears’ offense was anemic, at best, under Jay Cutler, but when he got hurt it was lights out, according to one of the world’s preeminent Bears fans.


I don’t know that I’d disagree with this, per se, but there was still a game to be played.


But now the predictions started rolling in. And the roll was lopsided. Like, this look was not correct.


No, Hester (or Hestee) could not score 40. But the rest of the Bears sure did.


Remember when Robbie Gould missed a gimme field goal? That led to Wilbon’s second 48-17 prediction of the afternoon. Seven plays later, the Redskins had punted and the Bears had scored a touchdown to make it 24-24. So his final score prediction was in play for exactly seven plays.


Now remember, he’s lived in Washington for years. The Redskins have made a habit of playing poorly against backup quarterbacks and backup running backs for years. If Cutler had been out to start the game, the Redskins would have never been favored by more than a touchdown. So Redskins fans remained buckled in throughout. But Wilbon was shocked.


The Redskins wound up with 359 499 yards of offense. That was the lowest yardage the Bears defense has allowed in a game since week 3 in Pittsburgh. The Redskins finished with 45 points, including a defensive touchdown. Less than a month ago, the Bears gave up 40 points to the Lions, including a defensive touchdown. The Lions offense scored 30 points and gained 260 yards in the first half that week.


I hate to say this, but if Wilbon calls that a season-saving win, Washington will probably now lose three straight.

UPDATE: I made an egregious factual error in this item making fun of someone else’s errors. That’s great. Sorry, everyone. I still maintain that the Bears defense was helpless in allowing 30 first-half points and 260 first-half yards to the Lions.