Item about Mark May is enough of an excuse to post this fantastic picture of the Hogs. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Former Redskins offensive lineman and current ESPN analyst Mark May called to chat with LaVar and Dukes on 106.7 on Tuesday, and had some harsh words for Washington’s performance.

“Well they’ve made their own bed,” May said. “I mean, when you break the salary cap rules, you’re gonna pay a price. That’s your own fault. When you go out and give a lot of draft picks for one player, that’s your own fault. That’s your bed. You’ve gotta lie in it, sleep in it. I look at that team, and I see that team defensively, and it’s almost laughable. They can’t stop anyone, particularly in the secondary.”

May also picked at the scab that is the Redskins’ former field turf disaster.

“When you’ve got a guy, and I’ll go back to last year, I was sitting and watching the game… and it was the playoff game when RGIII went down. And we’re looking at each other and saying, is that field painted? Are they still painting the field instead of resodding it? I think that was part of the problem. They painted the field and we sat there and said, ‘He’s gonna get hurt on this play. He’s gonna get hurt in the next couple of series. It’s not going to be pretty.’ And that’s exactly what happened.”

The criticism then went on to “lame duck” Coach Mike Shanahan.

“You’ve got a brilliant superstar in RGIII. The first thing I do is find the best offensive linemen out there to protect him first. The old theory is, Jim Harbaugh’s got a great theory, when he was at Stanford, you don’t walk on the field on offense unless you can pass protect, no matter if you’re a wide receiver, running back or lineman. So you’ve gotta have that same philosophy in Washington. He is your golden kid. You gotta make sure he stays upright and healthy, first and foremost, and gets healthy. Build the offensive line up. Joe Gibbs philosophy: built the offensive line up. My first draft, I got drafted, Russ Grimm got drafted, Darryl Grant got drafted in that first draft for the Washington Redskins. You build from the inside out. You already have your superstar. Protect him. And it’s unfortunate. It’s a lame-duck season for Mike Shanahan and it’s unfortunate, but you know what? You’re not a lame duck if you coach better, if you win more games. So you bring that on yourself.

“If I was the owner, I’d bring back Joe Gibbs, in any capacity,” May continued. “Because you know what, with Joe Gibbs, go to the playoffs. Without Joe Gibbs, don’t go to the playoffs. It’s a simple philosophy.”