As previously noted in this space, John Wall announced to Bleacher Report that he would be writing “playoffs” on his game shoes this season.

“When the Washington Wizards open the season Oct. 30 in Detroit, Wall will take the court with the word ‘playoffs’ scribbled on his shoes,” Howard Beck reported. “He will repeat the exercise every day, through 82 games, lest he or anyone else lose sight of the goal.”

Turns out, though, that “82” was not the correct number. Because the playoffs shoe writing commenced during the preseason.

There were plenty of Wall partisans at the Wizards’ final preseason game on Tuesday night, since Cincinnati is pretty close to University of Kentucky territory. At the end of the game, the Washington guard apparently handed his shoes to the brother of a student at Kentucky. That led to a photo on the Internet, which led to unpaid Bog assistant @recordsANDradio noticing that the shoes have playoffs scribbled on them.

I’m guessing this will not be the last time I post an image of John Wall’s sneakers with the word playoffs scribbled on them.