(Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Redskins linebacker Darryl Tapp is a fairly easygoing guy, so it was no surprise that he was willing to admit that his dogs have not-so-masculine names. And, as you’ll see, he’s also a bit of a romantic.

Darryl Tapp, what was the last…

Movie you saw
Hitchcock, yesterday.

Book you read
This one right here. [Tapp pulls his playbook out of his bookbag]

Thing you cooked
Cheese eggs and biscuits for breakfast.

Person who made you laugh
Just a few minutes ago in the training room. Just random locker room banter.

Person you texted
My wife. I told her I love her.

Thing you took a picture of
My daughter.

Time you cried
Probably at my best friend’s mom’s funeral last year.

Time you bled
On Sunday.

Tattoo you got
My wedding date in Roman numerals on my ring finger.

Date night
Friday. We went to Chris Cooley’s event for battered and abused women and then we went out to dinner.

Website you visited

Time you were scared
Watching “World War Z.” There was a scene in there. It just came up out of nowhere, caught me relaxing. I jumped hard.

Animal you pet
My dogs. I got two dogs, Havanese. Named Fancy and Bentley. I’m very secure in my manhood.