(Via Redskins Nation)

One of the things Sarah and I are proudest about in our journalistic careers is helping highly compensated professional athletes get free consumer goods. (Note: I’m assuming she shares my pride.)

We got Niles Paul free Capri Sun. We got Chris Thompson free Starburst. And now, it’s time for Roy Helu Jr. to get a crate of Suave.

See, Helu — who hasn’t cut his hair in about a year — was on Redskins Nation with Larry Michael this week. Michael asked him if he was angling to get a Troy Polamalu-style shampoo deal.

“That’s not the purpose of growing my hair out,” Helu immediately said. “I want to make sure that I say that. But, you know, if something comes along? Suave? I’m not a Suave user, but I know that they’re pretty affordable, and I want to be marketed to the blue-collar people who can’t afford Head & Shoulders. Suave’s No. 1, you know?”

So let’s make this happen, Suave. All flavors. Incidentally, I want to note here that I myself am a Suave user. This is weird, because I don’t have any hair. I mean, I’m totally bald. But it feels weird to shower and not put some brightly-colored goop on your head. So even though I’m not technically a blue-collar person, I always buy Suave, since it is extremely affordable, and I’m guessing the quality of my hair product doesn’t really matter much. Since I don’t have any hair. But don’t send me any free shampoo, Suave, since I can’t accept it.

Also in Helu’s interview, I learned that, like fellow running back Alfred Morris, he hasn’t spent all his money on cars. This came when he discussed being married.

“It’s amazing,” Helu said of married life. “I have a beautiful wife. She’s great, the best woman I know. We’re really tight. We were friends before we got married, real close friends, and I think that’s benefited us as we’ve gone through the first year of marriage. We do share the same car. So that grows us closer, and I also test her patience sometimes with that as well.”

And also also, Helu talked about scoring one of his touchdowns last weekend without being touched.

“Pierre had a great block downfield,” Helu said. “The reason I wasn’t touched until I crossed the goalline was because he was blocking [Charles] Tillman. Our tight ends, specifically Logan Paulsen, had a great game blocking. You can see his effort on some plays down the field, where Robert’s out of bounds and he throws a cut [block] 15 yards down the field and gets the defender down even though he doesn’t need to do that. A lot of guys played their tails off, and it showed in the statistics.”