(Patrick Smith/Getty) (Patrick Smith/Getty)

The endless Redskins name story took one of its weirdest turns yet on Friday, when TMZ issued a breathless report about a neighbor of Daniel Snyder registering a trademark for the Washington ‘Bravehearts.’

This led to repeated denials from Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie, including this rather forceful one on ESPN 980’s Inside the Locker Room.

“I just want to set the record straight for everyone listening, just to let you know that there is absolutely NO connection between the Washington Bravehearts and the person that registered that trademark, and the Washington Redskins,” Wyllie said. “I’m letting you know right now there’s no connection at all whatsoever between the organization and the registration of that trademark. In fact, the person that’s reported in that story, the alleged neighbor of Daniel Snyder, Dan doesn’t even know the man. So I just want to let you know, Dan [doesn’t] know the man, so please, people, stop panicking, there’s no connection.”

Got that? No connection. Not sure what this does to TMZ’s claim that “With all the hubbub over the Redskins name, it’s more than curious that a man who has nothing to do with football would suddenly register the name of a football team that would solve his neighbor’s problem.”