(Via Comcast SportsNet)
(Via Comcast SportsNet)

Everything about Sunday’s Redskins game was sort of weird. It was weird that the first half was so low scoring. It was weird that the Redskins led by 14 in the third quarter. And it was weird that they wound up losing by 24.

Still, what happened, happened. The Redskins got blown out. They had one of the worst losses in the NFL this weekend. They lost by far more points than the Vegas line would have predicted. And yet, if you watched Comcast SportsNet’s post-game show, Washington’s players didn’t seem to feel that way.

“The score doesn’t really indicate how the game went,” Robert Griffin III said in his press conference.

“It’s gonna be hard to really just think about this game,” Stephen Bowen told CSN’s Rob Carlin. ” Because I know we had them. We definitely should have won this game. The way the score turned out is not really how the game really was.”

It’s not unusual to read “we definitely should have won this game” after one-possession games, and goodness knows, the NFL produces plenty of those. (There were four in Sunday’s 10 afternoon games.) But it feels odd to hear that after a 24-point loss.

“I felt like there was nothing they can do,” Bowen said, when asked about the sense on the sidelines at 21-7. “We’re gonna stop them any time up front. We were getting a lot of pressure, we were making them a little antsy, and I felt like in the run game we were eliminating everything. But they just kept working, and they got two touchdowns on us. And then after that it just got out of hand.”

Bowen praised the Broncos for making second-half adjustments, and said that Denver was the better team on the day. But he still sounded crushed by the result.

“It’s frustrating,” he said. “I know how hard guys work. And to see that we’re not benefiting off it, it’s heart breaking for me. There’s nothing we can do but just keep working.”