(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Alfred Morris has been a professional about the amount of carries he’s getting.

“It’s not frustrating,” the Redskins running back said a few weeks ago. “Even if it’s not running the ball, maybe I can get in on the passing game, or keep blitzes off of Robert so he can have time to make his reads and make the throws. Whatever I can do to help my team win — even if they want me to run down on special teams, I’m fine with that.”

Well, the Goofus to Morris’s Gallant is Dez Bryant, who had a couple of meltdowns on the Cowboys sideline on Sunday, presumably over the lack of passes being thrown his way.

During open locker room on Monday, Morris was again asked about the amount of touches he’s gotten, and Fox 5’s Dave Ross joked about “pulling a Dez Bryant.” Morris was quick to say that we won’t see any temper tantrums out of him.


Alfred Morris > Dez Bryant.