(Via The Post archives)

As my pals at CSN Washington noted on Sunday, it’s been better than 65 years since the Redskins gave up as many second-half points as they did Sunday in Denver.


This meant, naturally, that I would have to go back and read our postgame coverage from that October morn. It was what you’d expect — modest in scope (no sixth sidebar, and no excerpts from online coverage), largely consumed with play-by-play (and thus often boring), and full of well-placed contempt.

This was in October of 1947. In front of the largest home crowd to date, the Redskins went into halftime down 14-7, and then were outscored 42-13 in the second half. From our game story:

There wasn’t even a little privacy for the Washington Redskins yesterday as they absorbed their worst regular season National Football League beating in nine years, 56 to 20, from the Chicago Bears.

Everybody saw it. The largest crowd of paid customers ever to witness an athletic contest in Washington — 36,591 — was there for the kill.

The same Halas trained brutes who rolled up a 73-0 margin over the ‘Skins in the 1940 playoff game poured it on with eight touchdowns. That they didn’t match their own playoff mark was largely because of the clock….

The Bears varied the scoring, if nothing else. Ten players contributed to the Redskins’ downfall, and their points came on everything from one-yard smashes to Turner’s 96-yard gallop….

The tenth scorer, as Chicago added insult to the ‘Skins lacerated feelings, was Sid Luckman. After he’d passed to his third touchdown of the game, a three-yard one to McAfee, in the fourth quarter, he and McLean switched jobs to show how easy it all was. Instead of holding for the extra point, Luckman kicked and McLean did the holding.

From our photo caption:

Strange are the ways of football. You’d think that Mr. Tom Farmer (14) of the Redskins would have little trouble stopping Don Kindt of the Bears in this bit of action in the third quarter yesterday at Griffith Stadium…but something went wrong. Mr. Farmer missed his man and Mr. Kindt went 49 yards before he was finally brought down. That gentleman at the left doing a partial handstand is Redskin Wilbur Moore, who has just been brushed aside by Mr. Kindt. Mr. Moore recovered, however, to overtake Kindt 49 yards downfield. That other Redskin coming up behind Farmer is Jack Jenkins (38), who also missed.

And from the great Shirley Povich:

* The Bears win the toss and elect to receive, on the profound theory that Sammy Baugh can throw no touchdown passes when the Bears have the ball. That’s the kind of thinking that has won the Bears more championships than any other club.

* Sid Luckman, getting enough protection to give him time to compute his 1947 income tax, decides to let that matter go for a while, and throws an 18-yard touchdown pass to Keane. Tom Farmer had Keane on the five-yard line, but you notice we use the past tense.

* Jim Youell replaces Baugh and takes the Redskins downfield quickly with his passes, the last of which is a 39-yard heave to Duckworth who goes all the way. The Bears block Poillon’s kick for the extra point, very petty of them at this stage.

* 56-20 Bears. Suffice it to say they scored two more touchdowns in the last four minutes. It’s the second worst beating the Redskins ever took in a league game. If they leave the park in bad odor with the crowd, that’s understandable. They are suffering from Halastosis.