Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post

Brian Orakpo walked into the locker room pushing a cart loaded with cases of iced tea. He dropped one off at his own locker, left one for Trent Williams and then was off to finish his deliveries.

The brand is Texas Tea, and the bottles are a limited edition, featuring Orakpo and Adrian Peterson facing off to commemorate this year’s Texas-Oklahoma game. But it’s not just his own face on the bottle that connects Orakpo to the bottled drink company.

“I own a percentage of it,” the Redskins linebacker explained to me later.  “It’s been doing very well down south and we’re just trying to reach out to bigger markets. It’s an up-and-coming company that started small, but they’ve been growing ever since. They’re in the Whole Foods now, Walmart.”

Orakpo says the beverage is unique in that all the ingredients are from Texas, from the tea to the fruit. The company went after athletes with Texas ties, and Orakpo, Peterson and Bills linebacker Jerry Hughes all have financial interest. Another Texas product, Robert Griffin III, is also involved.

“They came to me,” Griffin explained.  Orakpo “was in it before I was, but they brought us both in to work with the company. It’s a great little business they have going on there.”

One of the perks of being involved in the company is having an unlimited supply of iced tea. Thirsty trick or treaters at RGIII’s house may benefit.

“If you want some tea, I have some in my garage,” he said.

Orakpo delivering Texas Tea. (Sarah Kogod/The Washington Post)