(Jake Russell/The Washington Post)

Because my memory has the shelf life of a damp pumpkin, I had forgotten that there was speculation about Doug Williams joining the Redskins’ front office just three years ago.

Williams, remember, had left the Tampa Bay organization, where he had served as the Bucs’ pro scouting director. He had worked there with Bruce Allen, and obviously had close ties to the Redskins. Thus, the speculation.

“The Redskins made a couple of cuts to their scouting department last week, including Don Warren, who was responsible for pro scouting for Washington, and happen to be in the market for a hire or two,” The Post wrote in May of 2010. “Williams could always enter the coaching ranks, but he’s well-regarded as a personnel man. He was in Tampa on Tuesday, so no announcements out of Redskins Park are imminent. But it wouldn’t surprise anyone if the Redskins at least chat with Williams.”

That same month, I actually spoke with Allen about Williams:

“I talked to Doug today,” Allen said. “We shared some fun stories and he told me what transpired [in Tampa Bay], but I’ll leave that between us.”

Allen was asked if there was a chance of Williams resurfacing in Washington.

“We’ll see,” he said. “He’s got some plans.”

How can I have no recollection of that? Anyhow, seven months later, the Super Bowl was in Dallas, and while there Williams apparently met with the Redskins about a job. Here’s what he told Jason La Canfora and Chris Moore on Tuesday night, during an interview about the mess at Grambling, where he was recently fired.

“Man, let me tell you something, there’s nothing like [coaching],” Williams said. (Audio here.) “When you get a chance to deal with a bunch of young guys – and that’s the only reason why I came back. Because before I came back, actually I was headed to D.C. Bruce Allen and Mr. Snyder, we had met down in Dallas during the Super Bowl, and actually I was going to work with Bruce Allen in D.C. But here was an opportunity to go back home, to do something I enjoyed the first time, to get closer to home and give back. And we were doing that.”

Williams has previously expressed disappointment at not getting a chance at NFL GM jobs, and he’s clearly considering a return to an NFL front office.

“I’m gonna let this season get by, enjoy it, hope around the first of the year some things will open up, which I believe they will, and go from there,” he told La Canfora and Moore.

Jason then specifically asked Williams about coming back to the NFL.

“And that’s also a possibility,” Williams said. “I’ve had a couple calls. Like I said; right now, nothing is going to happen. But at the end of the year, a lot of things start to break, and we’re just gonna wait and see what happens.”