(Via @thecooleyzone)
(Via @thecooleyzone)

Last week, Chris Cooley called Albert Haynesworth an awful human being. This was in the context of a football-based critique, but still, Cooley did call his former teammate a name, I suppose.

Wednesday afternoon, Haynesworth responded in kind. While also repeatedly accusing Cooley of just wanting to promote his socks. Chris Cooley doesn’t sell socks, but whatever. Name calling brings in the web traffic, so have at it, boys.

“He sounds as stupid as he looks,” Haynesworth told Tennessee Sports Radio, when asked about what Cooley said. “If the guy had any sense whatsoever: I care about the game of football. I’m not out promoting my socks, I’m not out hollering at cheerleaders and trying to marry them and get divorced in a couple years. That’s just not me. I’m out playing the game of football. You see what happened the years before at Tennessee and what I was about. You don’t get runner-up two years in a row of Defensive Player of the Year, or being in the top five of MVP of the NFL, by just trying to get released. That doesn’t make any sense. He sounds as stupid as he looks. Maybe he should worry about his own personal life and worry about what his wife is doing and all that stuff – or maybe now I should say what his ex-wife was doing.”

Oh right. He also took shots at Cooley’s personal life. Forgot about that. Then Haynesworth was asked about Cooley’s claim that the defensive lineman just wanted to get released so he could get another signing bonus.

“Well, maybe that’s why his nose is so big, because he keeps lying,” Haynesworth posited. “Why in the world would you play with a guy that says oh yeah, I want to get released. I don’t know. I’ve never heard any player ever say anything like that. For that to ever come out of my mouth? As much as it frickin was nothing like Tennessee there, I still tried to play, I still practiced hard, I still played hard, because I’ve got respect for myself. I’m not gonna let any man beat me on the field, or say they beat Albert Haynesworth on the field.

“Regardless of what team I had on my back, that’s just not gonna happen. I’m not gonna let some man say they beat me on the field. I’ve got more self respect for myself, and I have kids that look up to me. They can say hey, my dad’s never gotten beaten on the field. So as far as me wanting to get released or whatever the heck this guy’s saying, I mean, I think all he’s trying to do now is kiss the backside of Shanahan’s behind to try to get back on the team because he needs a job so he can promote his socks.”

The socks again! Also, the backside of a behind is….something I don’t want to think about.

And were Haynesworth and Cooley ok as teammates?

“I thought he was fine,” Haynesworth said. “I mean, I thought he was cool. I got along pretty much with everybody. But obviously now, he needs to use my name to try to get back to football or try to sell his socks or whatever he’s trying to sell now.”

The socks again! Always with the socks!

Oh, and at the very end of the interview, Haynesworth thanked his friend for telling him to check out Cooley’s comments.

“Mostly I try to keep my nose out of the media and just live my life and do what I’m supposed to do,” he said. “It kind of just made me mad, because I never had any kind of beef with Cooley. But for him to talk trash and bring my name up so he can get his media and probably promote his socks or whatever the hell he’s doing now, I think that was just horrible. ”

Coming up next: Haynesworth’s further thoughts on Mike Shanahan and the Redskins.

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