Pierre Garcon had some harsh words to say about the Redskins’ passing game. When asked about it after the loss to the Broncos, Garcon seemed to call out those involved in the passing game.

“It doesn’t matter if we play the worst team in the league on defense,” he said. “If we suck at passing, we suck at passing.”

While on with LaVar and Dukes on 106.7 The Fan on Tuesday (audio here), Santana Moss was played the the audio of Garcon’s comments and asked to respond.

“We all a part of the passing game, as receivers,” Moss said, after pausing to choose his words carefully. “Regarding whether we suck or aren’t the best, it’s not my job to come out here and tell you that. It’s not my job to go out there and tell someone asking a question about what’s going on, what’s going on in house. Everybody see what’s going on, but everybody don’t know what’s going on. So, getting back to what I’ve always said, if that’s your opinion, find a way to keep your opinion to yourself and express it around where it need to be expressed. In house, with the guys. And that’s the only way you can solve that. We can’t get better talking about what we suck at. Especially when it comes to addressing something you a part of.

“As receivers, we don’t throw the ball to ourselves,” he continued. “We understand that. But if you have a problem, and if it’s a problem, you address the people that has control over getting you the ball.”

Moss admitted that Garcon’s public criticism bothered him, especially when asked if it was a veiled shot at Robert Griffin III.

“I just feel like there’s better ways to do it, if it was,” he said. “Personally, I can’t go at nobody through the media. That’s the last place I go at somebody at. And personally, if I feel like I had a problem with Robert, I’d have to go to the source above Robert, and let them know how I feel so they can hear and understand where I’m at, then bring it to him so there will be no misunderstanding.”




Pacers coach Frank Vogel on John Wall and Bradley Beal:

“It’s as bright of a back-court future that any team has in the NBA. It’s going to be interesting to see how they develop.”


The Wizards visited Walter Reed before heading to Detroit.

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