(Via YouTube)

The day you’ve waited months for is finally here. All the expectation, all the hopes, all the pent-up imagination — released.

Yes, that’s right, today you can see an insanely brief glimpse of the Wizards in the trailer for Vince Vaughn’s new film, “Delivery Man.”

See which actual Wizards players and coaches you can pick out in these blurry screencaps! Watch it again and again! Re-live all those horrible weeks John Wall sat on the bench in a suit! Imagine the thrill of seeing fake Wizards brawl with fake Knicks on the big screen!


(Via YouTube)

If you missed it, these scenes were shot last November during a Wizards trip to Madison Square Garden. The actual scenes involved fake players wearing real jerseys, which means there’s a very legitimate chance that Emeka Okafor will be portrayed in a Wizards jersey all over America.

You can see scenes from the filming at D.C. Sports Nexus and NBC Washington.