(Via NFL Network)

“If it’s Week 9 of the 2013 season, of course Albert Haynesworth must be in the news,” Rich Eisen observed on the NFL Network set Thursday evening.

Indeed, this is pretty incredible stuff. Haynesworth was great for entertainment value and web clicks in his time, but his time has passed; the new #nowness is overblown he said-he said controversies about RGIII, not overblown he said-he said controversies about a dude who isn’t even in the league.

But because the Redskins love me and want me to be happy, here we are. After Haynesworth and Mike Shanahan went back and forth this week, London Fletcher was on NFL Network; he was told that Haynesworth does not seem to be fond of Shanahan.

“Is that true?” Fletcher asked. “Well, I think coach probably doesn’t like him, either. That’s a mutual feeling between Haynesworth and Coach Shanahan.”

Then he went on.

“The thing with Haynesworth is here’s a guy that really I don’t think he loved football, so that was one of the biggest things that you had on him,” Fletcher said. “My experience with Coach Shanahan: he’s been an honest, upfront guy. Always told you how he’s felt. But with Haynesworth, he had a problem even with the previous defensive coaching staff and not doing things the way he wanted them to do. So when Coach Shanahan came in and decided to switch to a 3-4 defense, there was some head-butting that took place. But I think ultimately, here was a guy who did not love to play the game of football. And he came in here and he took Mr. Snyder’s money. Robbed him without a mask.”

Robbed him without a mask! Fletch! The above image shows Fletcher’s face after he dropped that line. Look how happy!

Later, Fletcher heaped more praise on Shanahan.

“I know this locker room, I know the character of the guys in our locker room, I know coach Shanahan and I believe in him, the guys believe in him,” Fletcher said. “We’ve given away a couple of ballgames that we felt like we should have won. This is a resilient group and we have to go out and start to play four quarters of football.”

Meanwhile, the NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk chimed in.

“Mike Shanahan, your credentials speak for itself,” he said. “Why are you answering the nonsense? I was expecting the Bill Belichick: I only talk about players on my team. That’s all he had to say. I cannot believe that he answered the questions about Albert Haynesworth, of all people.”

Then Eisen made a point I hadn’t even considered.

“If Albert Haynesworth just got Washington to rally around its coach and close ranks, that’s probably the best thing he’s ever done for the organization,” he observed.

Now, someone else, say something.