I guess I knew that Matthew McConaughey was a Redskins fan, but I’m not sure I knew why. He explained himself on Jay Leno’s show Thursday night.

“Longhorn in college, but Washington Redskins in the NFL,” he said. “I grew up watching westerns with my father; I was always rooting for the Indians instead of the Cowboys. My favorite food was hamburgers growing up; they had a linebacker, no. 55, Chris Hanburger. And then John Riggins. When you’re 4 years old, that’s why you really commit to a team, for reasons like that. It goes way back.”

Which helps explain the Halloween costume chosen by his son, Levi.

“We got Levi, who’s a Washington Redskin defensive end, no. 99,” McConaughey told Leno. “His choice.”

So Levi McConaughey was Jarvis Jenkins for Halloween. I think there are very few young children who are more famous than the person they imitate for Halloween, but I think this one fits that bill.

Speaking of Halloween and Redskins, here are some photos of people dressed as an injured RGIII.

Of course, RGIII isn’t the only D.C. athlete to suffer a knee injury.

And then there were the annual “Deadskins” jokes.

(Thanks to @recordsANDradio and Reuven for the assists.)