Yesterday, Sally Jenkins offered a critical column about Robert Griffin III, this opening passage perhaps packing the most punch.

Robert Griffin III used to be his team’s most uplifting player, but he is becoming a weight, maybe even a burden. Where is that fresh kid with the unbeatable combination of modesty and limitlessness? In his place is a player who’s coming off as an unteachable know-it-all. The guy has played just 22 regular season games, and into that time he has packed a few random stabs at semi-greatness, followed by a lot of unseemly power machinations, and drivel about being a leader, without yet mastering his craft.

Jenkins went on to say some more fun things about RGIII in his sophomore year that will either make you nod your head or grab your pitchforks. Either way, it grabbed some people’s attention.

One of those people was Daily Caller columnist Matt Lewis. Nothing is more fun than when political types use athletes to make political points, so here’s Lewis connecting Jenkins’s column to the rampant problem of young politicians who have too much power for their own good. Or something like that.

This, of course, is a larger societal trend. What is happening with Griffin is really a metaphor for our politics and culture. We don’t have elder statesmen as leaders any more. As Adam Carolla might say, we no longer have old guys in windbreakers and clipboards yelling at us to do laps. Nor do we have wise old men with white hair who rule from smoke-filled back rooms. Instead, we are taking our cues from callow youths who think they know it all.

Did you get that? RGIII is a metaphor for callow young politicians who won’t stay off our lawn.

(thanks to @GoodmanHarrison for the heads up.)


Four-year old Zachary as “Rabbit Griffin III.”

Rabbit Griffin III (Courtesy of Bruce Walker)


Ted Leonsis on Phil Chenier, from Dan’s story on the Wizards broadcaster:

“He is an iconic figure in our community. and for 30 years has really been the one constant and dependable figure for the Washington Wizards.”


Martell Webster, playing a bullying victim for his daughter’s school project. Tough house.


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