(Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

“We got a fight here, uh-oh! Ray Emery’s coming down, and he wants to fight Braden Holtby!”

That’s how Capitals radio voice John Walton began his epic call of the goalie fight (if you want to call it that, considering Holtby wasn’t a willing participant) during the Caps’ 7-0 win in Philadelphia Friday night. The emotion escalated significantly from there. You must listen to this entire audio clip, but below is a sample.

(Note: This has been transcribed for reading comprehension, but to hear it in your head properly, please IMAGINE IT IN ALL CAPS.)

“Oh, what a dirty play by Ray Emery! Taking Braden Holtby down! Thug hockey back in town! You’re losing by a touchdown, and you just grab a sweater! If you think that’s gonna get you standings points, think again! The Buffalo Sabres are the only thing saving this team from being the bottom of the Eastern Conference, and now they’ve taken it to the alley in the dirtiest way possible!”


Emery later said he knew Holtby wasn’t interested in fighting, but, you know, too bad.

“He didn’t want to fight and I basically said, ‘Protect yourself,’” Emery said, via Katie Carrera. “He didn’t really have much of a choice.”

Here’s the video:


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