Redskins fans love nothing more than debating whether Robert Griffin III runs too much or not enough, whether he takes too many chances or too few, whether his athleticism is what makes him great or what makes him reckless, whether he is safer in the pocket or safer while sprinting down the sidelines.

Sunday against the Chargers, with his team tied and facing a third-and-long, Griffin took off to the left. His only chance at a first down would certainly involve some contact, and maybe a lot. I think everyone could agree that his choice wasn’t the safest one; the safest one would have been to retire from the NFL and going home to drink raspberry tea and read pulp novels. Or to step out of bounds.

Instead, Griffin took to the air, got suplexed into the ground, and earned Washington a first down.

“I just had to make a decision,” he said during his press conference. “A lot of people criticize me for some of that stuff all the time. I could have went out of bounds, and and we’d have been short of the first down. I saw an opportunity to fly, so I [got out] my wings and tried to fly. I hit the ground pretty hard.

“People, we really can’t fly,” he then told reporters. “Really. No matter how much we dream about it. But I just saw the opportunity. And at that point in the game I felt like we needed it, and that’s why I took it.”

(Via The Big Lead and @recordsANDradio)