Brandon Meriweather remained in the news on Sunday, both before and during the Redskins’ win.

First, the before: Michael Irvin had some harsh words for Meriweather on NFL Network’s pregame show, in reference to Meriweather’s comments last week about taking out guys’ knees and ending careers.

“I don’t ever want to hear you talk about taking that opportunity away from another man,” Irvin said to Meriweather. “That is not what we are about.”

Criticism or no criticism, Meriweather did as he promised on Sunday; his biggest hit of the game was this open-field tackle on Danny Woodhead, in which the safety went low and made the play.

That led to a spirited halftime discussion on CBS about head shots vs. knee shots, with at least one analyst saying he’d rather be hit in the head than in the knees.



Regardless, a relaxed and smiling Meriweather later appeared on Comcast SportsNet’s postgame show, and he expressed regret for his earlier comments about ending careers. Tarik El-Bashir mentioned that Meriweather had been emotional when he made those remarks.

“I was, I was, I was very emotional,” the safety said. “I was emotional for a whole week, and then I had to sit down Sunday and watch my team go through a war and I wasn’t there. So when I got back Monday, I was very emotional, and I said some things that I shouldn’t have. But I’m back now, so…”

So maybe we won’t write about this any more, I guess.

(Via @BuzzFeedSports)