If you’re a professional sports team and you represent Washington D.C., you are required to begin your season in terrible fashion. It’s a new rule. You’ll get the hard copy in the mail later.

The Wizards, if you haven’t heard, are now 0-3. That fits in nicely with the franchise’s recent history: it’s the fourth straight season the Wizards have lost at least their first two games. Many of those seasons went further south from there.

But it’s not just the Wizards! These are actual opening records from every other D.C. sports team in recent months.

2013 Wizards: 0-3

2013 Capitals: 1-4

2013 Redskins: 1-4

2013 Nationals: 10-11

2013 D.C. United: 1-8-1

2012 Wizards: 0-12

2012 Capitals: 2-8-1

2012 Redskins: 3-6

Sure, I’m cherry-picking a bit, to make sure the numbers look as bad as possible. But you gotta say, the local teams are making it pretty easy to cherry pick. Many of these teams — the 2012 Redskins, 2012 Caps, 2012 Wizards and 2013 Nationals — closed their seasons with insane hot streaks to reverse much of the early damage. Still, I don’t think anyone would complain if an insane late hot streak were made unnecessary.



Dwight Schrute watched the Seahawks game with Jim Zorn and Steve Largent. It felt appropriate somehow.



Pretty much any Wizards-eating tweet will make this space.



American freshman Langdon Neal ‘has enough confidence to wear this ‘light blocking sleeping hat’ on our 1st road trip (wasn’t a bet),” according to assistant coach Scott Greenman.



As he so often does, Thomas Boswell perfectly sums up my feelings about Sunday’s Redskins game, and most NFL games really.

On the verge of a 2-6 mark at midseason, with a sea of questions about a blown 10-point lead, dubious late-game clock management and two blocked field goals (one from just 25 yards), suddenly Shanahan was talking about his team’s wonderful character. That’s what one inch, one foot, can mean. And Shanahan could single out, as “the play of the game,” a scramble by Robert Griffin III when he flipped in the air and landed on his head but got an important first down. That’s Shanny and RGIII, all right, just best of buds.



The Military Benefit Association is holding a Wounded Warrior Amputees vs Washington Redskins & NFL Alumni flag football challenge at Bishop O’Connell High on November 16. From the Web site:

Redskins stars Brian Mitchell and LaVar Arrington, whose father is an amputee veteran, will host this tribute along with more than 25 other Redskins and NFL Alumni including Larry Brown, Derrick Dockery, Eric Metcalf, Kevin Glover, Eric Sievers, CC Brown,Stan Gelbaugh,Tony Lilly, Bruce Laird, Ted Vactor, Mack Alston and HISTORY WILL BE MADE  on November 16 as Mike Bass of the ‘72 Redskins will be joined by the Miami Dolphins kicker Garo Yepremian as they will reenact that famous Super Bowl 7 play – a play that is considered the #1 “Football Folly” in NFL history…Bring your cameras to record this historic moment…

Via @Sculliosis.



There have been a zillion photos of RGIII on A1 of The Post, but I’m kind of partial to this image, which features some of the lesser known stars, communing with the fans.

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The Bears are in Green Bay at 8:30 on ESPN. All TV and radio listings are here.