(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)


Since Darrel Young vultured most of Alfred Morris’s touchdowns on Sunday, there have been many questions about how he celebrated those scores. ESPN 980’s Thom Loverro, for example, suggested that Young might want to work on developing his own signature move.

“Nah, nah man, not at all,” Young replied. “Coach [Bobby] Turner doesn’t like that, man. I’d like to keep my job. Keep it professional. Let’s win this game, and let’s get off the field. No celebration for me.”

But what about Morris and the home-run swing?

“Well, his means something,” Young explained. “He’s not out there acting the fool, dancing and stuff. His actually means something, so I respect that.”

Still, Young did show a teensy bit of emotion after reaching the end zone, in the form of that secret handshake with Robert Griffin III Sarah wrote about on Monday, seen below and above. Fortunately for us, Scott Jackson asked Young about that handshake during their weekly appearance at Hooters with the B Mitch Live show.

“You know what, Keiland Williams and I started it in training camp,” Young said, referring to the former Redskins back. “And Grif sort of  [saw] us doing it one day, and he was like I like that man, we’ve got to do it. So I said, ‘You know what, that could be our thing, when one of us scores. We could do that.’

“And he did that [on Sunday], so I was like, okay, I respect that, man. And then he did it again. I’m like, hey, you’re gonna make this famous if you keep doing this. But I feel like every team has a celebration. I don’t dance — Bobby Turner doesn’t like that — so I figured a handshake on the sideline would be cool. We could do that when we get to the sideline, and be congratulated, and go from there.”

And did it take a lot of work to create? Well, not exactly.

“You know what, we just did it one day in practice — we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that,” Young said. “It was training camp. It was one of those days when I had nothing going on; it wasn’t one of the fullback days in practice. So I was just sitting there, thinking of stuff. And I know I’m supposed to be focused on football, but I was thinking about handshaking, because we were practicing good, and it just took off from there.”