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(Via YouTube)

“What makes The Show cool is we have 1500 different players that our artists build,”  Patrick Hager, the Senior Lead Graphics Programmer for Sony’s MLB ’14 The Show says in the below video. “So for PS4, we have to decide, what do we want to do to make them look better? On PS3, they’re modeled as kind of a Ken Doll plastic molded piece. So for PS4, we wanted to capture a more realistic version. So instead of modeling a giant molded piece, we’re actually drawing up to 40,000 individual hairs. It feels much more like a real person sitting there.”

Now, if you wanted to demonstrate how realistic up to 40,000 individual hairs would look on a digitized baseball player — and how much individualized follicles could improve a giant molded piece — who’s the first player you’d think of?


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Yeah, same with Sony. Thus, check out Jayson Werth. That’s no Ken Doll, baby.

You really need to watch the video to see his hair blowing to and fro in the virtual wind.

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