(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Redskins offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus was a little reluctant to play Last Thing because he thinks he’s boring. But some prodding from Reed Doughty encouraged him to participate. It turns out that Polumbus is not boring at all. He’s a family man who makes dinner from scratch, and he takes prank retribution very seriously.

Tyler Polumbus, what was the last…

Movie you saw
I’ve got two kids under two and a half, so “Planes.”

Book you read
“The Case for Christ.”

Thing you cooked
Sloppy Joes. From scratch.

Dream you had
When you have little kids, you don’t dream. You crash hard when you get to sleep.

Person who made you laugh
Will Montgomery’s awkward humor.

Person you texted
My wife.

Thing you took a picture of
My daughter. She just turned one.

Time you cried
At the birth of my daughter.

Tattoo you got
When I was 18. It says “Paid in Full” because Jesus Christ paid my debts in full.

Date night
A few weeks ago. We went to Lightfoot for dinner.

Prank you pulled
I dumped a bottle of cold tub water on Will Montgomery’s head while he was in the cold tub. [It was payback for a prank Montgomery pulled. Full story on this later.]

Website you visited

Animal you pet
My dog. An English mastiff named Lakota.

Person you said “I love you” to
My wife.