Two years ago, The Post conducted a massive public-opinion survey of D.C. area sports fans about all sorts of issues. One of the questions, as you might recall, concerned the favorite teams of local fans.

In the “Favorite NFL Team of Washington-Area Football Fans” category, the Redskins scored a large victory, checking in at 48 percent. The Ravens and Cowboys were next at 6 percent. That was smaller than the margin between the Caps and the next-most-popular local hockey team, but larger than the gap between the Nats and Wizards and their out-of-town competitors.

And that survey was conducted before the NFC East title, before RGIII, before the sense that maybe the Redskins were a team on the rise.

Regardless, D.C.-area stores continue to arrange their merchandise in a way that suggests the Redskins are just another team, the Coke to the Cowboys’ Pepsi, the Triscuits to the Cowboys’ Wheat Thins, the Right Guard to the Cowboys’ Speed Stick.

I don’t know how to start a Tumblr (or why to start a Tumblr), but if I did, I would now start a Tumblr called Washington Stores Selling Cowboys Junk.

And I’m sure these stores have market research and sales figures to justify their decisions. All I know is that when I go to supermarkets in Buffalo, everywhere I look I see Bills stuff, and it makes you feel like you’re in an actual place, with an actual link to local institutions. And when I go into a supermarket in the D.C. suburbs and see Giants and Cowboys balloons everywhere, it makes me feel like I’m on Neptune.

So I’d encourage everyone to continue sending me such images, for possible use on a Tumblr. Maybe we can shame local merchants into at least hiding the Cowboys stuff in the back.

The top image is from a Bed Bath & Beyond in Columbia Heights. Columbia Heights is not in Texas.

Next is a Giant in Northern Virginia.

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Here’s another Giant, in Bethesda.

(Dan Steinberg/The Washington Post)


And then two photos of the Modell’s in Columbia Heights, which is a perpetual promoter of out-of-town gear.

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(Via @B_Maz)