(Via GoMason.com)

The George Mason Patriot mascot thing looks like a chill enough dude when he’s a black-and-white coloring page for little kiddies. The little kiddies would presumably color his face pink or peach or sepia or one of those vaguely white-person colors, since he’s sort of a person-type mascot, and no one would have to shield their eyes in terror.

But for athletic purposes, the Patriot is much less traditional, in the sense that his face is half yellow and half green and all dread. And thus, this new blow-up Patriot thing, from whose maw the school’s men’s and women’s basketball players will emerge this season, sprinting signs of humanity vomited up by a monstrous-if-patriotic creature from some other dimension, a creature who believes strongly in 18th century anti-federalism.

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