(Bruce Bennett/Getty)
(Bruce Bennett/Getty)

Braden Holtby mostly has steered clear of talking about his much-discussed fight with Ray Emery last weekend; “Holtby, sporting some bruises on his forehead after the game, declined to offer much or any comment on the incident as did all of the Capitals who were asked,” Katie reported after the game.

He opened up a tiny bit Wednesday afternoon, in a conversation with Al Galdi and Steve Czaban on ESPN 980. (Audio here.)

“It’s just something that happens,” Holtby said. “Right after it, our focus was that we won a big hockey game that our club needed. Stuff happens during the game that you sometimes can’t control, and you just have to live with it, and react to things as best you can. And I thought that our performance the next game was a true showing of our character: that our main goal is to win no matter what happens.”

Czaban asked Holtby if he had been hurt in the exchange.

“No, no. I managed to have a pretty hard head, I guess,” he said.

And Galdi then asked if coaches had talked to him about what happened.

“No. We didn’t talk too much about it,” he said. “We just focused on our next game.”

Finally Czaban brought up the subject of Thom Loverro’s skirmish with Ted Leonsis; whether Holtby’s teammates should have come to his assistance, rules be damned.

“No,” Holtby said. “I know my teammates. If they were given a choice, they would have been in there. It wouldn’t even cross my mind. [Michael] Latta felt quite bad after, but he did everything he wanted to get in there. I’d rather him not get in there than have a five-game suspension for jumping in or whatnot. So no, I didn’t even think twice about that.”

And will there be fireworks next time the teams meet?

“I hope we have a solid game,” Holtby said. “That’s not gonna be in our mind too much.”