(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

DeAngelo Hall sat down recently with Darrell Green, who has been working for WUSA9, to discuss a host of football topics. One of them, naturally, was Robert Griffin III. Green asked Hall about the insane level of celebrity Griffin has already reached.

“You got to remember, I was on the team with Michael Vick when he was a bona fide rock star,” Hall said. “And I love it. I love it. Even before we even drafted the kid, I was talking to him on Twitter and kind of reaching out to him, like, hey, we know we’re gonna get you man, let’s go ahead and start working on this, start working on that. And from day one it wasn’t a cocky kid who was like, who are you? It was like, alright D Hall, I’ve got you man, I’ve been following you, I love your game.”

So then Green asked Hall whether Griffin’s rock-star-ness transcends what Vick once enjoyed in Atlanta.

“I think he got Mike,” Hall said. “I think he got Mike. I mean, we used to joke around saying if President Obama walked down the street and RGIII walked down the street, side by side, I think more people might run up to RGIII in D.C. Without a doubt in my mind, I think so.”

And has that affected Griffin?

“I mean, you would think it would,” Hall said. “But this kid man, when I tell you he gets it, he gets it. He manages his time, he’s in the facility, he’s the first one there, the last one out, he’s on the plane going over plays, making checks on his sheet. I mean, he just gets it. Had it been me? I don’t know if I’d have got it. I don’t know if I’d have got it that early, that soon, that fast.”