Earlier this week, six members of the Minneapolis City Council sent a letter to the NFL, condemning the Redskins team name. U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, a Democrat from St. Paul, has been one of the most outspoken national politicians on this topic, and plans to march with demonstrators Thursday night. And now Minneapolis mayor  R.T. Rybak Ryback  has become the latest Minnesota politician to weigh in on the issue.

The mayor posted this statement on his Tumblr Thursday morning:

It has never been right to disrespect the indigenous people of our country, and it is especially wrong to do it in 2013 with the name of a team that represents our nation’s capital.

I stand with elected officials across the country, including members of the Minneapolis City Council, and many, many others who believe it is long past time to change the name of Washington’s NFL team. It is deeply disappointing that calls for respect have not been heard, and I will join others in looking for ways to bring change, including urging those who agree to boycott merchandise of the Washington Football Franchise.

I have a son who lives in Washington who, thankfully, remains a Viking fan, but if he ever changes allegiance, he should not count on his dad buying him anything that uses their derogatory name and logo. – Mayor R.T. Rybak

And it isn’t just Minnesota politicians. Former Vikings safety Joey Browner, who is in the team’s ring of honor, has also said he will join the march on Thursday.

“I want to show that I’m indigenous and I want to show a conscious awareness to the world,” Browner told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “We need to change the imagery presented to our children.”

That paper also reported that 1964 Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills will be the keynote speaker at Thursday’s rally.

(Via _Charette_)