The Redskins have turned the tables on name changing, asking the Ball Hogs Radio Network blog Redskins Republic to change its name and stop using “Redskins.”

The blog, which now goes by Hail Republic, explained in a post earlier this week:

The name was changed because the Washington Redskins contacted the BHRN and asked us to change the name due to copyright laws. The Redskins have copyright laws that entitle only them and certain entities to use the name Redskins. BHRN has been working on re-branding and renaming our site and podcast since the Redskins reached out to us. The Redskins were very cool with us during this process and all went well during the transitioning.

The blog was launched in May of this year, and officially became a part of Ted Leonsis’s Monumental Network on Oct. 1. A representative of Hail Republic tells me that a lawyer for the Redskins sent an email on Oct. 11 asking them to remove “Redskins” from the name.

The Redskins copyright protection folks have been busy lately. In July, the team asked an Arby’s in Richmond to remove a sign that featured a Redskins logo from its parking lot. And in August, Meridian Pint was asked to change its flyers for a tailgate because they featured “Redskins colors, the FedExField logo, and an image of a Green lot parking pass.” After failed attempts to update the flyer to the team’s satisfaction, the bar decided to cancel the tailgate.

Back in 2011, the Redskins reached out to The Post, asking the paper to change the name of its Redskins blog, then called Redskins Insider.  The Wizards, Caps and Nats have made no such requests.