(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young)

Toronto mayor Rob Ford wore an NFL tie to a press conference in which he admitted to smoking crack. That was probably a bad idea, as was smoking the crack. That tie prominently featured the Redskins logo — a (tenuous) link worth a mention on this blog.

Apparently, though, Ford has an even stronger Redskins connection, via this 2012 profile in Toronto Life magazine. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

Doug Sr. might have been careful with a dollar, but he spared no expense for his kids. When Rob dreamed of becoming a pro football player, his father sent him to a summer football camp—but not just any football camp. He was dispatched to the youth camp of the Washington Redskins, who had just won the 1983 Super Bowl with two of his heroes, star running back John Riggins and former Toronto Argonaut Joe Theismann. From there, it was on to South Bend, Indiana, and workouts at the legendary University of Notre Dame campus—an extravagant tour of gridiron nirvana beyond the wildest fantasies of your average North American teen.

The piece goes on to say that Ford’s football career didn’t take off as he’d hoped, and after playing center in high school and developing “a reputation as a scrapper off the field,” he mostly rode the bench for a season at Carleton University in Ottawa.

So for those keeping score at home, that’s two mayors who have been partial to both crack and the Redskins. What a world!

(If you’re wondering how I stumbled across this factoid, I have no idea. Basically, someone posted this Gawker item filled with astonishing photos of Rob Ford, and then I fell down the internet rabbit hole trying to google up a reason that the man was elected the highest-ranking officer of the biggest city in Canada. Answer not found. This is better, though.)