(Via NFL Network)
(Via NFL Network)

Late in the fourth quarter Thursday night, as Washington was driving for a potential game-tying touchdown, the Vikings took a timeout. With the game on pause, the NFL Network cameras panned to Daniel Snyder, up in his suite.

Behind him was a Redskins crock-pot.

Now, there are at least two plausible explanations for this crock-pot.

1) The Vikings provide team-logo crock-pots for every visiting team’s owner.

2) The Redskins bring along a team-logo crock-pot for every road trip.

If I were to guess, I’d choose the first option, because it just seems like we would have heard before if the Redskins bring along a team crock-pot during every road trip.

Regardless, it was an entirely arresting image. An owner and his crock-pot. In a better television-photographer’s hands, this is art. Imagine how nice the crock-pot would look next to the Snyder basketball court, sitting on a little table, gurgling with a freshly made pumpkin-and-soy vegetarian chili?

That crock-pot, a six quart model, is available on crock-pot.com for $59.99. There aren’t many kitchen appliances better than a crock-pot, honestly.