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The NFL licenses a lot of silly things (this creepy doll baby comes to mind), but this one might be the silliest.

The Redskins are offering this “Official Replica Outstanding Player Award Trophy Belt” for sale on the online team store. According to the listing, it’s a replica of a WWE-style belt that was first presented to an unnamed “outstanding player of the game” after the Oakland win in September.

Replicated from the original trophy belt, from Pro-Belts each plate is cast in zinc alloy, plated in 18K gold and silver and mounted with studs and screws to the synthetic leather. The belt is 52″ long, weighs 6.5 lbs. and has 16 solid brass snaps on the hand embossed synthetic leather.

Oh, and it’s $450.

Who would buy this? The answer is somebody. Somebody will buy this.

(via @tomcblock)