(Via @riggo44)

John Riggins has apparently opened up an online shop full of 44-inspired gear. Items include the mug pictured above, which will probably be gifted to my entire family this holiday season.

The store offers Riggo’s Rangers hoodies, No. 44 jerseys and autographed photos, among other stuff, and promises that “portion of the proceeds benefit the Riggo’s Rangers foundation, a donor advised fund of the Community Foundation for the National Capital Region.”

My favorite offering may be the mug pictured below. Because what says humble more than selling a mug with your signature and a quote about being humble on it?


This store is apparently not the same as the “Riggo on the Range” store. Riggins may be hawking more products than RGIII.

By the way, have you seen Riggins’s Facebook page? I stumbled across it while looking through the store, and boy, is it awesome: