(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

A reader suggested a few weeks ago that I do an audio roundup of angry Redskins callers to 106.7 The Fan and ESPN 980 on the Monday mornings after tough losses. Kind of therapeutic for everyone, he suggested.

So first I ran with the shouting Kel from Suitland, after the Redskins lost in Dallas.  And now here’s another one. This one’s even better. This dude got suspended from work for 10 days for getting in a fight with a coworker about the Redskins.

This call came into Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier’s program on 106.7 Friday afternoon, after the Redskins blew that lead in Minnesota. It was transcribed by Chris Lingebach.



“I hate the Redskins, man,” the caller began. “Hey let me tell you something, Danny and Holden. Yeah, I came in this morning to work. Not only does this team suck, man, this team’s ruining my life. A Dallas fan went up to me, started rapping me up, talking a bunch of shenanigans. Man, me and him get in an argument, we both get sent home, now I’m suspended from work. I hate the Redskins, dude.”

“Hold on one second,” Kushner said. “You got suspended from work?”

“Yes, man,” the caller confirmed. “And the whole thing is garbage. So I come in this morning, a Dallas fan comes up to me, rubs it all in. So we have our words, then we raise our voices. But that’s me and him. We get in an argument. We both get sent home. I’m on suspension for 10 days because of these idiots, man. Hey listen, what do you guys think about them firing the whole coaching staff, man, bringing Lovie Smith in, and let him rebuild around RGIII and this squad, man?”

The caller later explained that there were no punches thrown, but still.

“Unfortunately, I work in the federal government, man,” he said. “And when it comes to workplace, the  environment that I work in, you understand what I’m saying? So they sent us both home, told us to cool down, take 10 days off. Man, I hate the Redskins. I hate this squad, man.”

Yeah, but Lovie Smith.