via @Mr_KevinJones

When you retire, the standard rules of business attire no longer apply. Davey Johnson is taking advantage of that new freedom with these glorious cow-print pants, modeled on a golf course during a tournament in Florida.

Whenever we have a good photo that needs some words, Dan likes to offer some excerpts from Russian literature, or other such smarty-pants genre. I don’t read Russian literature– not my thing — so here’s late children’s poet Shel Silverstein with a poem about pants.

I remember I put on my socks,

I remember I put on my shoes.

I remember I put on my tie

That was printed

In beautiful purples and blues.

I remember I put on my coat,

To look perfectly grand at the dance,

Yet I feel there is something

I may have forgot—

What is it? What is it? . . .

Anyway, the pants appear to be from Loudmouth Golf, and quick look at the company’s flashy website tells me that Johnson went with a more conservative pair. If you want your own cow pants, they’ll set you back $95.