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Georgetown forward Shayla Cooper, the Big East preseason rookie of the year, had an impressive collegiate debut Friday against Richmond. She scored a team-high 17 points, she added 7 rebounds and 5 assists, and she got on ESPN for attempting to block a long-range shot with her shoe.


She also made it into an AP story about college basketball officiating.

Even with increase in fouls, not everything has been caught. In the Georgetown-Richmond women’s game Friday, freshman Shayla Cooper lost her shoe early in the second half and tried to block a Spiders’ 3-pointer by throwing her sneaker at the ball. She missed and so did the officials, who didn’t call a foul on the play. Or even a “soletending” violation.

“Picking up a shoe and throwing it is not a rule in the rule book,” secretary-rules editor for NCAA women’s basketball Debbie Williamson said laughing. “It’s an unsporting act as there’s no rule for throwing equipment. It should have been an unsportsmanlike foul.”

Cooper tweeted about her collegiate debut several times, but did not mention the shoe.

And in truth, there might be some debate about who the shoe thrower was. ESPN said on YouTube it was Kelyn Freedman, although I can’t really see the resemblance.

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