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This was something I heard a while ago, then forgot, then heard again, then figured I should save, then finally remembered as the Redskins began preparing for a second go-round with the Eagles on Sunday.

Philadelphia’s quarterback, Nick Foles, was once a Georgetown recruit. A basketball recruit. That’s weird.

“Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma and Texas Tech also were recruiting Foles, 6 feet 5, 235 pounds, for basketball,” the Arizona Republic reported in May of 2006. “He decided in favor of football last fall when he succeeded as a starter at the same high school that produced Drew Brees, now with the New Orleans Saints.”

“If you watch film on me, I’m an athlete,” Foles said, when the Eagles drafted him. “I’m a basketball player, too.”

“Was also a top basketball prospect, drawing interest from Baylor, Georgetown and Texas,” the Philadelphia Inquirer reported, although two of those schools were not on the Republic’s list.

“He was once a decorated basketball recruit who drew interest from top programs such as Georgetown and Texas,” the Inquirer wrote this summer.

“Foles was recruited to play college basketball at Georgetown and Gonzaga,” the Inquirer reported this week., introducing a seventh school. “His 40-yard dash at the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine was 5.14 seconds, but he’s functionally mobile and can get yards when needed.”

USA Today wrote this week that Foles actually had basketball scholarship offers from Baylor, Gonzaga and Georgetown, though I couldn’t find that information elsewhere.

In any case, had Foles somehow wound up as a basketball player at Georgetown, his freshman year teammates would have included Austin Freeman, Roy Hibbert, Jessie Sapp, DaJuan Summers, Jonathan Wallace and Chris Wright, and his first season would have ended at the hands of Steph Curry and Davidson, and the Redskins would not be preparing to face him on Sunday.

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