via @mdsccr1516

It looks like there might be some bad Juju going on with Maryland’s paper commemorative tickets.

Before the season started, a fan tweeted the above picture of his Maryland season tickets. Each one has features a player — some current , some past — and there’s a curious trend among the three current players who grace the front of these tickets.

Stefon Diggs, Dexter McDougle and C.J. Brown are all honored with a ticket appearance. They also all suffered serious injuries during the season. McDougle, a cornerback, was lost for the season in September because of a shoulder injury. Wide receiver Diggs was sidelined for the year in October with a leg injury. Quarterback C.J. Brown missed two games and was knocked out of two more because of injuries, and hasn’t played well since.

If you’re the sort who believes in such things, you might say that Maryland’s season tickets are cursed. Perhaps Maryland should switch to electronic tickets next season, just in case.

UPDATE: It looks like the Maryland ticket curse works on opponents too.