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Worst Welcome To Town

It wasn’t a very nice howdy-do for the Redskins and their fans in Philadelphia. First, the Redskins’ team bus got egged by Eagles fans on the way into the stadium. Later on, LeSean McCoy showed how tough he is during pregame activities by grabbing a Redskins fan’s banner, balling it up and throwing it to the ground. Stay classy, Philly.

Best Analysis

Comcast SportsNet comparing Eagles quarterback Nick Foles to Napoleon Dynamite during their pregame show. Good work, guys.


Best Milestone Part I


Worst Overthrow

A roughing penalty on the opening play, followed by large chunks of yards gained on the ground had the Redskins in Eagles territory on the opening drive. Then, the Eagles either forgot to cover Logan Paulsen downfield or simply ignored him. RGIII overthrew him by about 10 yards, and the drive fizzled out shortly thereafter.

Worst Continuation of a Trend

EJ Biggers was flagged for a helmet-to-helmet hit on DeSean Jackson on the first defensive possession. That keeps happening in the Redskins secondary, no matter who is playing.

Worst Nick Williams Decision Part I

Rookie receiver/returner Nick Williams was active for the first time in his career. On his first opportunity to do something, he did nothing. He could have called a fair catch at the 10-yard line or he could have let the ball bounce and thrown a block on the opposition’s gunner. He chose option No. 3, letting the ball bounce and getting the heck out of everyone’s way. The Eagles downed the ball at the 1.

Worst Debut

Nick Williams, who went on to fumble his next two punts. The first went out of bounds, the second he was able to pounce on before it ended up in the wrong hands.

Best Awkward Slide

The Redskins quarterback, always and forever. RGIII in the first quarter had a gain of 14 yards and a first down, followed by an awkward slide. But hey, at least he’s sliding.

Worst Matchup

Ryan Kerrigan is a very talented player, but it’s not a good idea for him to be covering the NFL’s most dangerous running back in one-on-one situations. LeSean McCoy ran right past Kerrigan out of the backfield, and Nick Foles found him for a long completion. Philadelphia scored two plays later.

Worst Seduction Move

Not sure what this sign means, but I’m glad there’s no giant card for it.

Worst Pursuit of a Ball Carrier

Brent Celek isn’t very fast, but the Redskins defense made him look like The Flash. Philly’s second score was set up by a 42-yard completion to Celek. The tight end took a screen pass and ran past just about everyone on the Redskins defense. They finally caught up to him at the one yard line.

Worst End to an Otherwise Great Drive

The Redskins were carving up Philly’s run defense early in the second quarter, and looking like they were about to get back in the game. Then RGIII dropped back to pass, and Connor Barwin took him down from behind at the Philly 13-yard for an 8 yard loss. The ball popped up in the air, and was recovered by the Eagles. A helmetless RGIII ended up face down on the turf in a sad visual interpretation of the Redskins’ season.

Worst Image

This one.

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Worst First Half Stat

The Redskins had 10 days to prepare for today, and this is the result.


Worst Show People Will Probably Watch

There were no fewer than 87 commercials for Fox’s new show, “Almost Human.” He’s a robot cop! With feelings!

Best Network Decision

Fox, for cutting away from the Redskins-Eagles game on their national feed in the third quarter for a “more competitive game.” Unless you’re an out-of-town Redskins fan, and then it’s…

Worst Network Decision

Hey, at least there’s beer readily available.

And then, it proved an even worse decision for FOX because…

Best Momentum Changer

An RGIII to Darrel Young 62-yard touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter. A well-timed pause after the catch forced Trent Cole and Patrick Chung to collide, giving Young a clear path to the endzone for the Redskins first points of the game.

Best Redemption

Nick Williams with his first NFL points, catching the pass for the ensuing two-point conversion and making the score 24-8.

Best Clutch Catch

Aldrick Robinson, with an incredible catch in the end zone after a 41-yard pass from RGIII that would have fallen just a bit short if not for a well-executed dive by Robinson.

Best Body Sacrifice

RGIII, forgoing all fears of bodily injury, kept the ball on the two point conversion and dove into the end zone over multiple defenders, landing on this back and scaring all of Washington for about two seconds. The dare-devil quarterback popped up, no worse for wear, and the Redskins were within eight points of a tie.

Worst Nick Williams Decision Part II

After the Redskins held the Eagles and forced them to punt, Nick Williams, back to receive, let the ball fall and roll to the 4-yard line, instead of catching it at the 19-yard line. It would cost the Redskins 15 yards in field position, leaving them 96 yards to drive for a score. Nick Williams really doesn’t like fielding punts.

Worst Penalty

Pierre Garcon earned a 15-yard penalty with illegal hands to the face of Cary Williams, leaving the Redskins in a 2nd and 25 position and driving to tie with two minutes to go in the game.

Best Drive Saver

Santana Moss’s first two catches of the game would come on this last drive, the second a 28-yard grab on a third and 25 to keep the Redskins’ hopes alive.

Best Milestone Part II


Best Break

It was about to be fourth and long for the Redskins with 1:11 left to play  when the refs called Philly for holding, stopping the clock and giving the Redskins a first down.

Worst Ending

All of the momentum came to a crashing halt with seconds left in the game. RGIII made the terrible decision to throw to the end zone on third and one. He just heaved the ball up in the air, leaving it up for grabs. Unfortunately Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin was the one who grabbed it. Game over.