(via Brian Korody on Facebook)

As the team’s record drops, the listings for Redskins-themed vehicles rises.

If you hang out in the Green lot at FedEx Field before Redskins games, then you’ve probably seen some fans living it up in this “Fanbulance.” Dan’s writeup two years ago of the party on wheels included this special passage from a Fox 5 story:

No joke. [Brian] Korody and his Redskin buddies have converted a 1992 ambulance into a ‘Fan-bulance.’ They call it ‘the special operations tailgating unit.’

‘When we bought this it was all white with blue floors that smelled like medical waste.’ says Korody.

As for the people who once rode in the back of that ambulance, they ‘don’t like to think about that.’

Well, it seems its owner has had enough of the Fanbulance, and of the team whose colors adorn the sides. Korody posted the vehicle for sale on the Green F 30 Tailgate Facebook page, with the following description:

“For Sale- Redskins Fanbulance. 70,000 miles, runs great, 4 new tires, keg tap on side, great stereo, 2 TV’s, new rims, all new floor & great paint job but with a horrible team. $38,000.”

One Steelers fan offered $22k for it if Korody was willing to paint it black and gold first. I have no idea what the Blue Book value on a 1992 converted ambulance is, but that seems fair.

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