(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

Robert Griffin III often takes to social media to share thoughts that he feels are motivational. After Sunday’s loss to the Eagles, the Redskins quarterback offered this one on Facebook and Twitter.

Normally, RGIII’s Facebook page is a big love fest full of hugs and #HTTRs, but this comment seemed to leave his followers divided on whether or not “staying the course” on a 3-7 season is a good strategy.

Others were curious about the “great times” the quarterback referenced.

And others thought he should spend less time on social media.

And at least one doesn’t believe in the “there’s no ‘I’ in ‘team'” theory.

There were also multiple calls for Kirk Cousins, a few dozen variations of “shut up” and many variations of comments on how much money RGIII gets paid to throw picks.

To be fair, for every negative comment, there were happy, shiny people willing to back up Griffin and poo-poo the naysayers. But commenter Mike here offered some perspective on that. [Note: please don’t kick puppies.]

Milkshakes for everyone.