(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

I’m not sure if many Redskins fans were drawing solace from the fourth-quarter comeback on Sunday. My sense was not really.

But Mike Shanahan did repeatedly praise his team for not quitting and showing toughness and fight and grit and all those things. And I guess the whole deal rubbed Michael Wilbon the wrong way.

Thus, here was Wilbon, discussing Sunday’s loss with Tony Kornheiser on ESPN 980 Monday morning.

“I thought Boswell wrote a tremendous column on the Redskins,” Wilbon began. “The drama just seems to outstrip honest self-evaluation. Even this morning, there’s way too much we hung in there. WHAT? We hung in there? There’s no we hung in there….I mean, what??? On what planet in pro sports? This should simply lead to outrage. A division opponent? A rookie head coach? You’re coming in with the whole town talking 12-4? We gutted one out, we came back. WHAT???? That’s an unbelievable reaction.

“And the drama,” Wilbon continued, turning toward the Trent Williams storyline. ” I’m not saying that an official can say what this guy says he said. I don’t care. That’s like the 43rd most important story with the Redskins today. And yet it just seems to [overtake the result]. And so I agree completely with Boswell.

“And Mike Shanahan,”  Wilbon said. “I’m sorry, last week I said to you, why, how can you bring back a coach who has this record and this history? This is not some guy, and you’re trying to figure out what he can do. It’s Mike Shanahan. Look at his record. What do you run off of when you’re a coach? Your record. It’s not college sports. He’s not looking for exceptions, and am I gonna get these kids in school, and I can’t recruit because of this situation. WHAT???

“What has happened, that people now just sort of digest this and say, well, you know, we got a couple of eight-point plays, we got back in it,” Wilbon asked. “I’m just sort of stunned at that part of the reaction, and the drama, and more RGIII, and Kyle has faith in him. WHAT??? What are you talking about? You got trashed by a team that hadn’t won a home game in 10 games. My God.”