I’ve written before about touring acts pandering to the local market. When Taylor Swift played Verizon Center in May, she sang about the Redskins. While hanging out in the bowels of the arena during his stay, Justin Bieber visited with the team and tweeted, “pre concert warmup. ballin with the wizards.

Last night it was Macklemore’s turn. The Seattle-based hip-hop artist donned a John Wall jersey during his final song of  the night. I’m assuming the jersey was provided by the folks at Verizon Center.


Don’t get too excited about him becoming a Wizards fan. Here he is in Detroit, Boston and New York jerseys.

I don’t think Wall was in the audience last night, but some Caps players were, and they seemed pretty excited to be there. Maybe Macklemore should have pulled the Caps jersey out of the basket instead.