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I don’t eat meat, because eating dead flesh seems kind of gross to me. No offense. And even if I did eat meat, I wouldn’t eat crabs, because that’s super gross. But dangit if I don’t love a good summer crab feast anyhow: the newspapers, the picnic tables, the hammers, the beer, the smell of Old Bay, the corn, the beer, the overbearing humidity, the people arguing about that disgusting yellow mustard stuff, the sense that all over the region thousands of others are doing the same thing. Plus the beer.

Indeed, if you were trying to make a shoe inspired by a D.C.-area foodstuff, your best two options would clearly be Mumbo Sauce and blue crabs. And since Kevin Durant already came out with Mumbo Sauce shoes, it was inevitable that a Maryland Blue Crab shoe would be next.


“I love to eat crab,” the Maryland native explained on a Nike teaser for his blue crab-inspired KD VIs. “That’s why we made a Maryland blue crab shoe.”

More, via Nike:

With color, graphics and textures mimicking a blue crab indigenous to Maryland, the high performance shoe can double as a showpiece. The details are unmistakable: exact pantone colors matching the legs and pinchers of a blue crab, with textured effects on the shoe’s upper and KD logo matching a crab’s shell. The KD-logo hologram on the outsole brings the theme full circle with crab legs and pinchers.

Durant had more to say in the video.

“In the summer times we would have at least four or five crab feasts,” Durant also said. “In the culture from where I come from, crab is a big deal. I just wanted to bring that out within the shoe.”

My only complaint is I think they should have the little pump like those old Reeboks, but instead of filling the shoe with extra air or whatever, they’d release little puffs of Old Bay scent. Or maybe leak the mustard stuff out of the soles. One of those options.

What’s next in the D.C. foodstuff-inspired sneaker realm? Half-smokes, I suppose. Or something relating to Virginia hams. Or Natty Boh.

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