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Martell Webster was hot last night. For whatever reason, the Timberwolves kept leaving him open in the corners and the result was 17 points, 15 of which came on three-point shots.

A go-ahead three in the fourth quarter led to this Webster staredown. I mean, who would mess with this face?

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After the game, Webster talked about that shot.

“I really don’t care that it was them,” said Webster, who was cut by the Timberwolves two years ago. “It could’ve been anybody. And it could’ve been anybody shooting that shot. It’s just John found me. I don’t know. He literally, like an owl, turned his head completely around to see me on that pass. My teammates have confidence in me to knock down shots like that. The fact that I got one feels good.”

Feels good? Kinda looks like the ball just insulted his grandma.


via @dcsportsbog